So what is ERP?


Enterprise Resource Planning

It means having control over all resources (products, services, inventory, finance, labor, etc.) available to your business, managing those resources and achieving the basic purpose of achieving sustainable profit.

It sounds simple, but it involves various aspects of operating the business. For example, if we only talk about sales, it will involve products, sellers, margins, discounts, tax routines, etc. Unfolding this into other areas, we will have: purchases, accounts payable, receivable, payroll, commissions, suppliers, customers …. each with their specifications and routines.

After all, we will still have the reports and graphs, obtained by analyzing the data from all these different areas, condensed to answer the questions: do we make a profit? Is the activity sustainable? What problems can we identify and improve in the next period?

This is a small and modest explanation for an ERP. Does your company have one? Are you answering your questions? Helping to make a profit? If your answer is “no” to any of these questions, we can help. Contact us.